• What are the rides?

    Our amusement rides bring an added element of fun to the Gardens for both the young and young at heart. Rides include:

    • Superslide
    • Swing Chair
    • Carousel
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Tea Cups

    Children must be supervised at all times whilst on the rides.

    Rides will not operate during adverse weather conditions as determined by the manager on site.

  • Who can go on the rides?

    Guests can purchase a ticket to participate on our amusement rides providing they meet all the following safety requirements for the ride they wish to participate on.
    Our rides are subject to safety requirements that a user must meet to participate. Key height restrictions are listed below, but other conditions can be found on the safety requirements signage at each of the rides.

    • Ferris Wheel: Children below 120cm must ride with an adult.
    • Carousel: Children below 105cm must ride with an adult (adult must stand next to child), children 106cm and under 16yrs may ride alone.
    • Tea Cups: Children between 95cm-120cm must ride with an adult, 120cm and above may ride alone.
    • Swing Chair: Children between 110cm–120cm must ride with an adult, 120cm and above mar ride alone.
    • Superslide: Children between 110cm-120cm must ride with an adult, 120cm and above may ride alone.

    Children must always be supervised
    PLEASE NOTE: Heights are checked at each individual ride and access will be approved by the operator.

  • How much are the rides?

    Ride tickets can be purchased for $6 per ride or 6 rides for $30.

  • What can I use the ticket on?

    1 ticket per ride applies on the Ferris Wheel, Tea Cups, Swing Chair and Carousel. An accompanying adult may stand with a small child on the carousel only without the use of a ride ticket.
    The Superslide is 2 rides per ticket – as children between 110cm-120cm must ride with an adult, the accompanying adult rides without the use of a ride ticket.

  • Where can I purchase a ticket?

    Ride tickets can be purchased from the ticket booth. See individual event programs for opening times.

  • Is one ticket all I need for the Ferris Wheel for my family?

    Tickets are per person, not per Gondola.

  • Do I need to purchase an additional ticket to ride with my child?

    All rides operate on a 1 ticket per seat basis. A parent may stand with a small child on the Carousel or ride the Superslide with children between 110-120cm at no additional cost.

  • What if I have a baby, do they need a ride ticket?

    Babies 18 months and below are permitted to ride with adults on the Ferris Wheel for free. They must have a ticket for the Carousel.

  • Do carers with companion cards have to pay to ride?

    No, carers who present a companion card at the ride ticket booth are able to get the same pass as their client or child for free.

  • Rides closures

    Safety is of the utmost importance to us. Due to weather and maintenance, we may temporarily close the rides at times for customer safety, however we do endeavour to have them open again as soon as possible.