The Rose Garden is a highlight for many visitors to the Gardens, enclosed by four pergolas and featuring over 6,000 roses full of fragrance and beauty. The Rose Garden is corkscrew shaped to honour our location and association with the surrounding Hunter Valley vineyards. The shape also ensures the best views of the stunning flowers.

The showcased rose varieties within the garden include: Double Delight, Charles De-Gaulle, Freesia, Fragrance, Marlena, Bonica and Blue Moon. In total, there are 35,000 rose bushes of over 150 different varieties of roses across the Gardens.

“Grandmothers Garden”

At the heart of the Rose Garden are thirteen beautiful bronze statues of Imelda Roche and her thirteen grandchildren. This garden is also known as “Grandmothers Garden” and pays respect to the beautiful bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren.

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The Rose Spectacular is a favorite amongst coach groups, for details contact our groups team today!

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Join us for Rose Week & experience the first flush of Roses for the year!

Visitors will be greeted by an incredible sensory explosion of colour and fragrance as they experience the first flush of flowers for the year. With over 35,000 rose bushes across the property, with 6,000 inside the Rose Garden itself. Come along and see over 60 varieties of roses, with hundreds and thousands of blooms.

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