The Lakes Walk



The Lakes Walk is situated on the northern side of the Gardens and is one of the largest in area. Upon entering you are greeted with the sounds of a small waterfall and cascading stream that leads into the lake. This is one of the more secluded parts of the Gardens and the waterways are lined by perennial borders that are full of colour throughout the year with plantings of seasonal annuals and spring flowering trees and shrubs.

Surrounded by approximately one and half kilometres of path, the Lakes Walk is the backdrop for the stunning Hunter Valley Garden’s Chapel and home to the Lake’s Rotunda, both available to host weddings ceremonies.
Throughout each season this Garden offers something different with deciduous trees such as Weeping Willows, Ornamental Pears, Flowering Peaches and Plums that bring shade in the summer and let the sun stream through on a winter’s day. Some of the other flora in this garden include; African Daisies, Periwinkle, Thrift Armeria, Clivia, Bougainvillea, Roses, Indian Hawthorn, Daffodils and the aforementioned Prunus X bilreana (ornamental plum) that bloom at the beginning of Spring.

Take some time to wander around this special garden and enjoy the bird life, colour and beauty that each season brings to the Lakes Walk.

PEAK TIME – October – December, also stunning in Autumn with the colourful foliage.



Hunter Valley Gardens are excited to introduce our new Feature Garden Series. Over the coming months we will be showing you in detail our ten stunning display gardens and introducing you to some of our talented Horticulture Team.

Throughout the year we have over 30 horticulturists and garden staff working in all weather and seasons to keep the Gardens looking as beautiful as possible. We are pleased to share these stories with you and we hope you enjoy this insight to Hunter Valley Gardens.

Stay tuned for more stories. #FeatureGardenSeries #HunterValleyGardens

If you are interested in visiting Hunter Valley Gardens – CLICK HERE for tickets.

If you are interested in visiting Hunter Valley Gardens – CLICK HERE for tickets.

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