Fountains and Statues

There are many beautiful statues and fountains to be found throughout Hunter Valley Gardens.

Owners of the Gardens, Bill & Imelda Roche have spent many years selecting the unique and magnificent pieces that complement the Gardens.

The four stunning Italian white polished marble ladies in the Border Garden are each carrying a different harvest, which represents the four seasons. The sculptor sourced this marble at the same place famous artist Michaelangelo sourced his marble. These statues in the Border Garden are in each of the four corners of the garden and in the centre of each garden is an Indian unpolished marble fountain, making a very romantic garden.

The Rose Garden has thirteen amazing bronze statues of Imelda Roche and her twelve grandchildren. This garden is also named the “Grandmothers Garden” and pays respect to beautiful family bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren.

The Indian Mosaic Gardens has two regal Bronze elephants, each with an upturned trunk for good luck. There is also a statue that serves two purposes in this garden, with 3 ladies holding a bowl above their heads in which a colorful dwarf bougainvillea sprouts from.

As you look up to the Chinese Moongate Garden you will see two Temple Guardians, one male and one female, the male rests his paw on the globe and is said to be reposible for the wordly matters, while the female rests her paw on a cub and looks after family matters. As you move further into the Chinese Moongate Garden you will see a statue of the happy Buddha sitting on the hill.

The Avenue’s focal point is a statue of 3 ladies holding a bowl above their heads.

The Formal Garden has a beautiful Wishing Fountain at the top of the terrace – visitors to the Gardens are encouraged to throw in a gold coin and make a wish. All proceeds from this fountain are donated to Ronald Mc Donald House to help seriously ill children.

At the top of the Italian Garden there is a peaceful statue of St Francis of Assissi – St Francis is the patron Saint of all living creatures and as you walk through this garden and up the stairs you will see some lovely cast iron urns filled with glorious flowers.
A wonderful site – the ‘Olive Grove’ consists of 600 olive trees backed by the stunning Broken-back Ranges.

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